The little bear who sucked his thumb
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Thumb Sucking Help

Thumb sucking is a very common childhood habit. It provides children with a sense of security and comfort. Subsequently some will have difficulty in giving up the thumb sucking habit and will need some assistance from parents. However, it is important to remember that the first step in addressing thumb sucking successfully (or any habit for that matter), is that the child must decide they want to stop, or are at least ready to try.

Can you treat any habit successfully by force, and is this an appropriate strategy?

From a Child’s perspective

Thumb sucking is fun and enjoyable. It is something they have done since birth. They see nothing ‘ naughty’ about it and it makes them feel uneasy when they cannot suck. They are contented and happy with their world. If the parent suddenly decides to forcefully stop their thumb sucking by placing restraints on the thumb or actively discouraging their sucking, then this can create anxiety and confusion and increases the urge to suck.




Thumb Sucking Video

Watch the video about thumb sucking as seen on As seen on 'What's Good For You', winner of 'Most Popular Lifestyle Program' for 2007



The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb... a book directed at children, for children.

The book has been written and illustrated by Dr Dragan Antolos, an experienced dentist with a special interest in thumb sucking habits in children. He deals first-hand in management of dental, social and functional problems which can arise with persistent thumb sucking.

Dr Dragan Antolos, “It is important to balance the psychological benefits of thumb sucking with the negative impact it has on developing, permanent teeth. As a dentist and parent, I am totally against restraining aids placed to forcefully prevent children thumb sucking as the first management option. Working through the problem with the child in a positive, interactive waywill be more effective in modifying behaviour.”

The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to help your child address the habit. The book is beautifully illustrated with characters that will appeal to both boys and girls. The child will relate to the story and it will deliver a positive message without pressure. The book empowers parents to pro-actively encourage their child to stop sucking on their own terms, when they are ready.

The book and chart are a non-invasive and effective strategy for stopping thumb sucking and has received positive support from psychiatrists, speech pathologists, and pedodontic societies.





The Strategy

The book is read as a stand alone story, it is not presented as something to stop the thumb sucking habit. Your child will enjoy and relate to the story, connecting with the little bear Oliver who also sucks his thumb.

This can provide a subtle yet powerful motivation to encourage your child to decide for themselves that they are ready to take that first step to stop sucking their thumb.

The chart and stickers can be used to monitor and reward progress, in a fun child-friendly way.

If your child is a thumb sucker, THE LITTLE BEAR WHO SUCKED HIS THUMB is a book you should have.

The Chart and Stickers

The wall chart can be personalized with your child’s name. It comes with a bag of gold colourful stickers to further help motivate them and in conjunction with the book, find the desire to stop sucking their thumb.