The little bear who sucked his thumb
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Dear Dragan,

I would just like to let you know that my daughter Katie (aged 4 and a half) has completely stopped sucking her thumb thanks to your book! She has also ceased the associated hair twiddling!

I must say that I was truly amazed at her achievement and very, very proud.

She still chooses to put on a little "band aid" at night time just to be on the safe side. She even told me that she has started to forget which thumb she used to suck (after only 3 weeks).

What I would like to say is how much we enjoyed the book in its own right - you have used wonderful language and both Katie and her twin sister Abby fell for little Oliver! The story is pitched at exactly the right level and we especially liked the part where Oliver decides to have a little suck of his thumb but finds that the thumb has already sneaked into his mouth!!

I have recommended this approach to many other parents/teachers- as a parent it was wonderful to hand over the responsibility to my child and act as a support - it certainly worked for Katie! And we all enjoyed the trip to soft play on day 16!
Thank you so much,

Mandy (Glasgow, Scotland)

Dear Dr Antolos,

I wanted to tell you how well your book has worked. Kirsten (our 4 year old) has been a constant thumbsucker from 4 1/2 months. We were beginning to think the dratted thing was glued in there. The very first night I read it it was presented to Kirsten as just a new story. By page 4 she declared that she was going to stop sucking her thumb! When I gave her the personalised reward chart she was overwhelmed that the person who wrote the book sent that for her personally. After a couple of false starts we have compromised on no thumb sucking during the day, but said it's ok when she's trying to sleep and hey presto we now have 8 days in a row with stickers on the chart.

This is so amazing I can't even begin to explain. There isn't even an attempt to hide thumbsucking when watching the TV - her favourite time for a spot of comfort. I have absolutely no doubt that the next 8 stickers will follow.

Thank you for writing this book. There's just one problem....... where on Earth do I get a dragon from? ;-)

Dr Toni Lilly
Berkshire (United Kingdom)



I wanted to let you know what a help for my son Aidan your book and sticker chart has been. We have had the book a few years and have read it regularly as advised by you we talked about the bear and his adventure. I was reassured about the damage to his teeth not occurring till after he was 6. He showed no interest in giving up thumb sucking and was really pleased that Oliver also knew how enjoyable the habit is. That was his first reaction. We have continued reading it on and off.

However with his 6th birthday looming and 3 weeks off work myself I decided the time had come. I bought some micropore tape from the chemist and suggested the time had come like the bear in the book and showed him the chart which was a real success he enjoyed choosing the colour of the star each day. Felt very important sticking the star on and counting how much longer till he filled the chart. The prospect of a reward at the end helped no end.

I am really pleased to say he has not looked back and it is now 6 weeks and he has not sucked his thumb especially popular at bedtime or when watching TV.

The book has been worth every penny!

Aidan’s pleased Mum
West Midlands, UK

When we expected our first baby and we went in for the scan we could see the little baby inside me sucking away at a thumb. And as you can imagine from early on this habit continued. Dad tried one night to remove the thumb everytime if got used, but was fighting a losing battle. Nicola is almost 3 and a half, and with encouragement from us we got to the stage where the thumb was only used for night time & naps, and sometimes for a bit of comfort. I stumbled across the book online when I was researching how sucking their thumbs will impact the development of their teeth and after reading the testimonials, I was hooked and ordered it.

Nicola was so excited to get a book from Oliver the bear, and for a week we read it every night. For the next two weeks she did not read the book with us, but we would have some random conversations about Oliver. Then on one evening she requested reminders for her thumbs, and declared when I stop sucking my thumb I will be all big girl, nothing baby about me any more.

She has completed the chart twice and she is reminder free and has not once used the thumb again...

Thank you for a beautiful book that motivates and encourages the little ones to be the decision makers. It is a lesson for life. I will keep the book and chart in her keepsake box.



Hi Mr Dragan

Well, I must congratulate you on your approach to stopping thumb sucking. Finally, after years of nagging, bandaging, painting on yucky stuff, dipping in tobasco sauce—we discovered your book and we now have a child who no longer sucks his thumb. We are eternally grateful. I have recommended your book to several people and will certainly be taking the book with us to our next dental visit.

Thank you.
Deb (Perth, Western Australia)

Hi Dr Dragan

I am amazed at how well your book has worked! I was sceptical about it helping my 9 year old son, but it really did. Ryan has been sucking his thumb since he was 2 months old. He would suck his thumb watching TV and to go to sleep. In the last 18 months we had tried many different options from the dentist and even the bandaid! The difference was reading the book and that the bandaid wasn't a bandaid but a reminder! After just sitting and reading the book two times, he was keen to try and stuck the sticker chart on the fridge. I can honestly say since that day he has not sucked his thumb at all in the day. His only problem was at night when he was asleep it would automatically go in. With the reminder and a special mouthguard from the dentist he has now stopped completely. It has now been 4 months and still not sucking!!!

Thanks so much, I wished I knew about the book earlier.

Sheree and Ryan

Just a quick note to let you know that we have a non thumb sucker in the house now. We had started to use plasters before the book arrived for the times during the day when she was tired and watching telly and the thumb would go in. It was night time that I thought would be a challenge, but she decided she was ready and I gave her the book and special sticker chart. She even asked for a plaster on both thumbs in case she started to swap to the other one. It took 3 weeks of plasters at night time before she fell asleep one night forgetting to ask for the plasters. She woke up the next morning and was so pleased with herself. She got a trip to the toy shop and hasn't sucked her thumb since. She's nearly 5 and it had been her bedtime companion since she was 6 weeks old so I think she's done brilliantly. Thanks for the lovely book and special chart it really added to the importance of her achievement and encouraged her to keep going.


Jo Cheshire